Meet Sam

Friends and neighbors, my name is Sam Weaver, and I am writing to ask for your support.

In 28 years living in Boulder and Boulder County, I have seen what works well and what needs improvement. My goal on Council is to enhance the currently great, and make the not-so-great a lot better. I believe that leaders should act boldly with a connection to community values. Compact growth, abundant open space, plentiful bikeways and peaceful greenways are our treasured inheritance from prior community vision and action. But there is a lot more to be done, and the issues we face are more challenging and interconnected than ever.

I will bring my environmental, technical, and business perspectives to governance in Boulder, focused on 3 vital areas: 1) supporting a healthy environment for Boulder businesses, 2) achieving aggressive carbon emissions reductions, and 3) creating a sustainable community which cares for those in need.

To begin, I’d like to share a bit of my story. My day job is running a Boulder company developing clean energy technology, while my spare time revolves around family and friends, local and state energy policy, and enjoyment of the local wild spaces. I was appointed to the Boulder Planning Board in early 2012, a position I found extremely rewarding, and which has made me very familiar with many City issues. I have also served on three Working Groups studying the issue of a Boulder municipal utility, and in 2013 I was elected to a 4-year term on Boulder City Council.  Since 2008, my wife Maggie and I have lived in the Whittier neighborhood with our two domestic bosses, black cats Midnight and Morocco. While previously living in the foothills west of Boulder, I served on the volunteer Sugarloaf Fire Department for 15 years, including a term as Chief. As Chief, I negotiated agreements with the City of Boulder, introducing me to City governance, and I served on one County advisory committee. I’ve founded three companies, two operating in Boulder.

Businesses in Boulder create many important results, including products and services, job opportunities, and economic vitality. The largest of local businesses create stability in the local economy that allows spin-offs and startups to innovate and grow, with talent flowing back and forth between them. The City needs to understand the unique situations of the various sectors and scales of businesses, and tailor services and support appropriately. Natural foods and software development, for example, have distinct needs. Boulder should flexibly work with both, and should also help businesses understand and implement energy efficiency and other sustainable practices, and support their adoption.

To increase our local input on energy issues, we should continue to explore our options to dramatically increase the level of renewable energy in our electricity supply, while containing costs. Advancing support for energy efficiency and distributed renewable energy is critical for a sustainable future for all people and living beings, and I am committed a path to a lower-carbon future. At the same time, Boulder needs to lead by minimizing the impacts of natural gas, both in its extraction and in its use.

Sustainable communities begin with interconnections, between people and between areas of the City. I live in a walkable neighborhood with broad economic diversity, a situation achieved over years through sensible and sensitive development regulations. I would like to see continued progress made in increasing housing access, while keeping a low-rise, compact city character. Finally, alternative modes of moving people need continuous improvement. We have to stand up for our share of regional dollars, work hard on multi-modal connection to other communities, and continue to extend our bike paths and lanes.

Thanks for considering me for Council. If we have not yet met, I hope we do soon. I would greatly value your input, any financial contribution you can afford, and your vote for the Boulder City Council.


I’d like to thank my hard-working 2017 campaign team: 


Nancy Kornblum, Campaign Chair 

Steve Fenberg, Treasurer 

Rick Tazelaar, Chief Financial Officer 

Bob Morehouse, Marketing Director

Hollie Rogin, Communications 

Molly Fitzpatrick, Field Operations 

Juan Vargas-Murillo, Website Development and Maintenance 

Tom Asprey, Advisor

Myriah Conroy, Advisor 

Suzanne Delucia, Advisor