The Following People Support Sam:

“Sam Weaver is one of the highest-contributing members of City Council. It is critical to re-elect Sam as we move forward on so many important community issues. His ability to come up with creative and collaborative policy solutions to difficult City issues makes him an invaluable member of our Council.” – Suzanne Jones, Mayor, City of Boulder

Dennis Arfmann Board Member, Earth Day Network, Bridge House
Lisa Morzel Boulder City Council
Andrew Shoemaker Boulder City Council
Mary Young Boulder City Council
KC Becker CO State Representative, Former Boulder City Council, Boulder Planning Board
Aaron Brockett Boulder City Council, Boulder Planning Board
Elise Jones Boulder County Commissioner, Former Boulder Planning Board
Blake Jones CEO, Namaste Solar
Bob Morehouse CEO, Vermilion
Edie Hooten CO State Representative
Matt Jones CO State Senate
Steve Pomerance Former Boulder City Council, WRAB
Lynn Guissinger Former Chair, Democratic Women of Boulder County, Transportation Advisory Board
Alice Madden Former Colorado House Majority Leader
Shaun McGrath Former Mayor of Boulder
Susan Osborne Former Mayor of Boulder, PRAB
Ruth Wright Former Minority Leader, Colorado House of Representatives
Joe Neguse Former Regent, Co-founder New Era Colorado
Dickie Lee Hullinghorst Former Speaker of the Colorado State House
Leslie Glustrom Founder, Clean Energy Action
Ken Regelson Founder, EnergyShouldBe
Neshama Abraham Founder, Frack Free Colorado
Cameron Brooks Founder, Tolerable Planet
Suzanne Jones Mayor of Boulder, EAB
Matt Appelbaum Former Mayor of Boulder, Transportation Advisory Board, PRAB
John Spitzer Member, Landmarks Board
Myriah Conroy Program Director, Idea Trading Company
Mike Foote State Senator
Steve Fenberg State Senator, co-founder of New Era Colorado
Carol Asprey
Tom Asprey
Ruth Blackmore
Alan Boles
Bill Briggs
Alison Burchell
Corey Essig
Richard Harris
Chris Hoffman
Nancy Kornblum
FaanTone Liu
Jeff McWhirter
Micah Parkin
Liz Payton
Diane Rosenthal
Mike Schreiner
Mitch Smith
Rick Tazelaar
Elyn Tromey
Tom Tromey
Dan Weaver
Jennifer Weaver
Valerie Yates
Debbie Yin
Julie Zahnizer
Catherine Longs Gates
Manuela Sifuentes
Judy Nogg
Angela McCormick
Sharon Simmons
Magdalena Rizgska
Shar Hester
Ray Bridge
Timothy Schoechle